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Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Coco Chanel

My Story

It started during a study visit to Canada.

A film with Andie McDowell was shot on our university campus. !


I could not believe it. From our classrooms we could watch scenes with cameras, mics, and makeup people. It seemed so surreal to suddenly be able to experience this live. I mustered up all my courage and approached a team member to see if I could watch the makeup trailer—and then it was finally over for me.

I already had a passion for makeup and styling back then, but never had the belief that I could become successful with it as a profession.


But this experience made me want to follow that dream.


I wanted to make people look amazing, more than anyone else in the world. That was my vision.


Back in Germany, I trained as a makeup artist and hair stylist in Hamburg and worked for MAC Cosmetics for a few years.


After that, I started my own business as a bridal stylist and began giving makeup workshops. The feedback from people was unique, and I knew this was the place for me.


I'm thankful to God every day that I discovered something I'm so passionate about.


Me privatley...

Like all women, I have my weak spots on the skin and hair and try a lot of things. I think I've been on every diet on the planet, know exactly what it's like to have blemished skin and not feel comfortable in your body. I am just like you. So for me, makeup and styling is really a tool to change the way he feels about himself and not just my job. 

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